Like a Streak of Light, He Arrives Just in Time... The Spider-Man Homecoming Review!

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

by Eben (2017-06-30 04:26:09)
__Like a Streak of Light, He Arrives Just in Time... The Spider-Man Homecoming Review__ by Eben McGarr If you saw Civil War, you already know that Tom Holland is the definitive Peter Parker/Spidey. I loved Michael Keaton's portrayal of the Vulture just as much. Adrian Toomes was never one of my favorite Spider-Villains in the comics, but Keaton's Vulture is damn sure my new favorite MCU/Spidey film villain. Creepy, intimidating both in and out of costume and still relatable, I found myself kind of rooting for him. The film does SO much right, it makes what they get wrong all the more frustrating. To be fair, what I feel they "got wrong" comes more from the perspective of a comic fan who loves the source material. Namely the casting of Flash Thompson and the over-sexualization of Aunt May. I get that they are trying to sell the idea that Tony Revolori's Flash is more of a new-age cyber bully but it didn't work for me. Peter Parker could have knocked this kid out BEFORE he got bit by a radioactive spider. Flash, in the comics, is the all-American, good-looking jock and is far less sympathetic. Peter has to hold back from beating his ass due to his damn great responsibility. Making Flash a fellow academic competitor in this film doesn't pack the same punch since Parker can (and does) outshine him intellectually. If Flash (in the comics) felt Parker upstaged him, he'd shove puny Parker into a locker and Parker would have to just take it. It was a needless change. As was making May a sex symbol. Marisa Tomei is unbelievably hot, this isn't subjective, it's fact. In Civil War, I figured we'd eventually see her age into the more maternal, traditional May. In Homecoming, they double down. It's not just Tony that wants to get with May, it's everyone from the deli owner to the Thai restaurant waiter. It's distracting and kind of changes the character in that, you don't feel she needs to depend on Peter at all. If she can't pay the bills, I doubt she'll need Peter to sell photos at the Bugle. I figured we'd get more of an arc with her but so far, still a... AILF? LOVE the mid-credit and post-credit scenes, possibly my favorite end credit scene from any MCU film. Hannibal Buress had one of the best lines in the film and made me laugh outloud. SPOILER... Kind of sick of everyone close to the Superhero discovering their identities. This film ends with Vulture, Ned AND the Aunt May knowing Peter's secret. They handled the Vulture well and I get wanting the Ned sidekick dynamic but May felt like it was tacked on for a cheap WtF moment and it irked me. Michelle revealing her nickname is "MJ" was distracting and dumb. Are we supposed to speculate (or care) whether she is a substitute for Mary Jane? Is MJ Watson out there as well and will we meet her? If so, he has 2 MJs that are potential love interests... distracting and dumb choice. Still loved it and suggest you check it out.
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