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![Mad Monster Party Carolina]( "Mad Monster Party Carolina" 340) ![Mad Monster Party Arizona](/api/shrinker.php?wi=340&img=/uploads/news_96__58799636a4ce4.jpg "Mad Monster Party Arizona" 340) Friday the 13th surprise! If you’re a Kane Hodder "Friday" character Photo Op or a CJ Graham "Lives" character Photo Op preorder purchaser, you could be the lucky winner of a FRIDAY THE 13TH PT. VII: THE NEW BLOOD or a FRIDAY THE 13TH PT. VI: JASON LIVES hockey mask courtesy of KILLER HOCKS. And all it'll cost you are a few (machete) strikes to your keyboard! Read on below to learn how you can get your Voorhees on! (1-winner from SC and 1-winner from AZ)! All you have to do is "LIKE" Mad Monster social media. __TAKE SCREEN CAPS proving you've "liked" the Mad Monster FB main page, like the Killer Hocks FB page and share [THIS]( post (screen cap the share as well).__ Killer Hocks will announce the winner on the Mad Monster Party Carolina FB page closer to show time. NOTE: ONLY PHOTO OP PREORDER PURCHASERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROMOTION. You can still preorder Kane Hodder, CJ Graham and other deluxe photo ops at the [Mad Monster]( website where all portals lead to the creepiest fun you can have without losing what’s left of your mind. "Like" Mad Monster FB (Main): []( "Like" Killer Hocks FB: []( Share this post: []( RSVP to the Mad Monster Party Carolina page for updates: []( or RSVP to the Mad Monster Arizona page for updates: [](
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