Sony Voodoo's Favorite Hairstyles in Movies

by Sony Voodoo (2016-08-29 22:10:46)
![Edward Scissorhands!](/uploads/image__942a1e28f2edd1552e3347e2746912f6430221111472276889.png "Edward Scissorhands" 680) Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp, Edward Scissorhands 1990) Edward hair is really inspired by gothic/punk/industrial culture and that is why I love it! ![Eraserhead!](/uploads/image__988732c7a466da27d3d1c7b6c0bb928fc5dc44051472276828.png"Eraserhead" 680) Henry Spencer (Jack Nance, Eraserhead 1977) His hair is surreal and freaky as the film is!!! ![Angela!](/uploads/image__01a7e63b53e89ddf9c4a0976838ed8eb4ce5e93d1472276096.png"Angela" 680) Angela (Amelia Kinkade, Night of the Demons 1988) Sexy demon with a great hairstyle and sexy dance moves. ![Anton Chigurh!](/uploads/image__4f53c26c2c10cba9a5e94dbdf5e262facd3d0d8f1472276267.png "Anton Chigurh" 680) Anton Chigurh ( Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Man 2007) I read somewhere that his hairstyle was inspired on a brothel patron. ![Geretta Geretta!](/uploads/image__663d988bce8bf89592898a65eefb923c62d8856c1472276559.png"Geretta Geretta" 680) Rosemary (Geretta Geretta, Demons 1985) Perfect and flawless hair of Rosemary, even when she was turned into a demon her hair was on point! ![Jane Olsen!](/uploads/image__27b0154b180a488ede4f6bfc31fa8686f84155211472276762.png "Jane Olsen" 680) Jane Olsen (Lili Dagover, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1920) That Creepy Girl with her long black hair that matches perfectly that ghostly white dress, I bet she is the number one inspiration for many other movies. ![Patricia Quinn!](/uploads/image__706901056c4c711f95c6b5a66df2db53a7d9c7111472276384.png "Patricia Quinn" 680) Magenta (Patricia Quinn, The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975) Besides a sexy moves, beautiful voice, Magenta red hairstyle totally rock on the classical musical film The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Let's Do the Time Warp Again!!! ![Kiefer Sutherland!](/uploads/image__5bf7834ff12a548a4dfcf3c20e85d11559a2b24f1472276315.png "Kiefer Sutherland" 680) David (Kiefer Sutherland, The Lost Boys 1987) David has the most cool hairstyle for a Vampire, a rebel punk !!! ![David Bowie!](/uploads/image__989f9cb3380183ddacda59e25c4b46410695e8361472276957.png "David Bowie" 680) The King Goblin (David Bowie, The Labyrinth 1986) David Bowie always had the most rad hairstyles, and King Goblin is no exception. ![Elsa Lanchester!](/uploads/image__3db6bf78c60acf085249ac60fd4531f0b1fc29971472277000.png "Elsa Lanchester" 680) Frankenstein's Mate (Elsa Lanchester, Bride of Frankenstein 1935) More classic impossible, her hairstyle is really iconic, and most imitated!!!
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