Mad Monster causes TSA to screen a cadaver

by Barlow (2016-05-17 09:24:55)
!["TSA screens Nubbins"](/features/news/images/73.jpg "TSA screens Nubbins" 250)Well, not a real one... This year, the Mad Monster horror convention in Arizona invited a galaxy of stars from favorite horror movies. Among them were Danny Trejo, "Machete" - a familiar face in everything from _Breaking Bad to Sons of Anarchy_ and that hilarious _Brady Bunch - Snickers_ commercial, George A. Romero - director of Night of the Living Dead and "godfather" of the zombie craze, Nichelle Nichols "Uhura" from _Star Trek: The Original Series_, Malcolm McDowell of _Clockwork Orange, Halloween, and Mozart in the Jungle_, and many others! But among the living guests was "Nubbins" the infamous corpse from _Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2_.!["Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Photo Op at Mad Monster Arizona 2016"](/uploads/news_73__573b1bf5f0836.jpg "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Photo Op at Mad Monster Arizona 2016" 250 "right") The old guy (actually a screen used prop) made the trip with his owner Jason Guy, ultimate Chainsaw fan and collector, to be a featured player in a photo op with the very much alive original stars of the film. Bill Moseley ("Chop Top"), Bill Johnson ("Leatherface") , and Caroline Williams ("Vanita 'Stretch' Brock"), got together for a full make up and costume photo op at the Mad Monster convention. Moseley went through the rigorous makeup process for 3 hours in the capable hands of Tom Savini's (TCM2's original makeup artist) protege and Season 9 _Face Off_ winning makeup artist Nora Hewitt. Once made up and dressed the cast assembled to recreate the iconic poster from the film. "Nubbins" was ceremoniously wheeled in to take his position and then, for a fee, fans time travelled back to the set by posing with the stars. Pix were printed and fans could purchase cast autographs! When it was time to go home, Nubbins was wheeled through the gates of the Phoenix airport where TSA officials handled him with care (oh, and posed for pictures) before sending him on his way home. If scary fun is your cup of glee, make plans to attend a Mad Monster convention or event, in Hollywood, CA., Charlotte, N. C. or Arizona, soon! []( !["Bill Moseley getting Chop Top makeup"](/uploads/news_73__573b1bfc68057.jpg "" 340) !["Nora Hewitt doing Chop Top makeup"](/uploads/news_73__573b1c02a3010.jpg "" 340)
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