!["A century of Forry"](/uploads/news_71__57127922d4acc.jpg "A century of Forry" 695) __MONSTERPALOOZA__ to feature __MAD MONSTER'S: A CENTURY OF UNCLE FORRY - A TRIBUTE TO FORREST J ACKERMAN! April 22-24, 2016__. Our good friend __ELIOT BRODSKY__ puts on one of the most prestigious genre-industry conventions in the world. Come visit your __MAD MONSTER__ pals and see the works of the best FX artists Hollywood has to offer: []( Without __FORREST J ACKERMAN__, there wouldn't be a __MAD MONSTER__! There'd be fewer happy monsters, too! __"UNCLE FORRY"__ as he's known to his legion of fans, helped invent the genre as we know it today. The original "fanboy", in the 1930s, he corresponded with Universal Studios head Carl Laemmle about upcoming movies like _Frankenstein_. Growing up, he took a big interest in Science Fiction and met two more oddball kids that would become lifelong friends; __Ray Bradbury__ and __Ray Harryhausen__. Bradbury has said, "If there wasn’t a Forry Ackerman, there wouldn't be a Ray Bradbury". Forry coined the term Sci-Fi! Forry served as agent to up-and-coming writers including __Bradbury__, __A. E. van Vogt__, __Isaac Asimov__, __L. Ron Hubbard__, __Ed Wood__ and many more. But most of us kids growing up in the 60s-80s know Uncle Forry as mentor and editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. "FM" introduced kids to a world of monsters and turned the spotlight from the stars on screen to the folks behind the camera. Suddenly, kids named __Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Landis, Rick Baker, Guillermo Del Toro, Stephen King, John Landis__, and __Kirk Hammett__, wanted to be creatives. Forry made his home into the ACKERMUSEUM where he’d invite fans (for free) to look at props and art he’d collected over a near century. You could touch __Willis O'Brien's__ dinosaurs from King Kong, wear __Bela Lugosi's__ _Dracula_ cape and ring, examine a piece of Karloff's _The Mummy_ wrapping, or ogle 1000s of pieces of art. But it was the stories that were priceless. Forry heard H. G. Wells speak! Corresponded with H.P. Lovecraft! Had friendships with __Bela, Boris, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Fritz Lang, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing__, and all the genre greats… __MAD MONSTER__ has presented a __FORREST J ACKERMAN TRIBUTE PANEL__ at every show we've done, since the beginning. Mastermind __BARLOW__ became a filmmaker and convention creator thanks to the influence of Forry, and our own __JOE MOE__ was Forry's best friend and caretaker to the end and will moderate the __MONSTERPALOOZA__ tribute. __MAD MONSTER__ makes sure __FORREST J ACKERMAN SHALL NOT DIE!__ For more information about your Uncle Forry, click this link: [](
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