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What makes a Mad Monster? You do!

by Joe Moe (2015-01-19 16:48:30)
Horror fans are immersed in the genre. They are mostly either filmmakers, artists and writers OR aspire to be filmmakers, artists and writers. Where else in fandom or collectors can you find a group as hell bent on contributing to their passion? Coin collectors don't mint coins. Stamp collectors don't print stamps. Monster lovers are constantly building their own creatures with makeup, FX, screenwriting and acting. Mad Monster provides a venue where people like us can get together and plot and plan the next landmark horror movie or event. This Mad Monster forum is for you to share your inspirations, likes, questions and gripes about everything horror. The people contributing right along side you are just as savvy and interested in what you're saying as you are in saying it! Your ideas feed Mad Monster's ability to provide products and events that will make you shudder and smile. It also provides a nice social clubhouse where you can meet fellow like-minded artists and fans. There's no better place for news of the most current Mad Monster events and happenings! So, welcome! Our haunted house is your haunted house. Make yourself uncomfortable and stay a while!
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