Mad Monster's Charlotte Chaos Concludes

by Barlow (2016-04-07 10:25:57)
![What We Do in the Shadows' Petyr and Deacon](/uploads/news_67__57066f7dda649.jpg "What We Do in the Shadows' Petyr and Deacon" 400)The 5th Annual __Mad Monster Party__ in Charlotte, North Carolina wrapped up another whirlwind weekend full of the creepiest cast of celeb guests and creative programming ever! __Nichelle Nichols__ gave a Vulcan salute to a galaxy of fans, __Malcolm McDowell__, who says he doesn't love big cons, loved ours enough to come to [__Mad Monster Arizona__]( in May along with the "Godfather of the Dead", the man at ground-zero of the Zombie revolution, __George A. Romero__!![Miss Scarolina 2016 - Cassandra](/uploads/news_67__57066ea4aaa20.jpg "Miss Scarolina 2016 - Cassandra" 250 "right") The charming __Jeremy Bullock__ donned the armor of the _Star Wars_ universe's favorite bounty hunter, "Boba Fett", and __Ben Fransham__ and __Jonathan Brugh__ traveled to the U.S. for their first convention appearance. Though "Petyr" and "Deacon" showed up to their panel and stayed to judge the Miss Mad Monster Pageant and Costume Contest! __James Duval__ got up at the hack of dawn (of the dead) to dress up as "Frank" the bunny from _Donnie Darko_ and help the little monsters on their Easter egg hunt. ![Costume contest finalists - image courtesy of Halloween Dialy News](/uploads/news_67__57066ff3ebc69.jpg "Costume contest finalists - image courtesy of Halloween Dialy News" 310) The green screen Photo Ops created once-in-a-lifetime memories! The family vibe was undead and well in Charlotte, and the whole Mad Monster family is counting the days until the next party. Meanwhile, come to __Mad Monster Arizona May 13-15th__ and watch this space for screenings (in Hollywood AND Charlotte), __Mad Monster Radio__, __Mad Monster magazine__, and lots of events to keep you busy until we're together again! Happy entrails! And if you can't be happy, be Mad, Monster!
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