by Barlow (2015-04-24 10:01:52)
![VERNON WELLS CRASHES MAD MONSTER PHOENIX 2015!](/features/news/images/50.jpg "VERNON WELLS CRASHES MAD MONSTER PHOENIX 2015!" 400)VERNON WELLS CRASHES MAD MONSTER PHOENIX 2015! VERNON WELLS (The Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science, Power Rangers: Time Force) joins the Madness May 8th-10th in Phoenix, AZ! He'll let us know which of you have been wearing bras on your heads and wearing jeans in the shower. He joins Rae Dawn Chong for a Commando reunion! Vernon is an awesome guest and really cool with his fans! If you haven't met him yet, here's your chance! For tickets and more info, please visit... []( Advanced discounted tickets are now on sale and there are a LIMITED NUMBER of discounted rooms now available at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak (where the show is at and the monsters party all weekend May 8th-10th). EVERY ROOM IS A SUITE and we still have limited discounted rooms available for $129 a night. There is a lazy river and a mini water park on the premises and this is hands down the coolest venue we've ever had the privilege of hosting a show at. Discount rooms WILL GO FAST, if you're definitely planning on joining us, book yours ASAP! For all the latest updates, please take a moment to "Like" our main Mad Monster page... []( RSVP here... [](
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