Ace Von Johnson joins Mad Monster Party 2015!

by Barlow (2015-03-05 14:11:28)
![Ace Von Johnson joins Mad Monster Party 2015!](/features/news/images/20.jpg "Ace Von Johnson joins Mad Monster Party 2015!" 400) For more than 10 years, Ace Von Johnson has been touring the world with a variety of acts, and has carved out a name for himself as an energetic and versatile guitar player within the inner circle of musicians from many genres! Cutting his teeth early in his career in the Punk Rock scene, he began by starting the group Cheap Sex before moving on to join national touring act Madcap at age 19. They toured extensively with bands ranging from Dropkick Murphy’s to Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, and many others over course of several years - he even did a month long tour of Japan with seminal NY Hard Core band Murphy's Law. With a resume way too extensive to list here, suffice it to say he's played with a ton of awesome people including Richie Ramone, The Butcher Babies at their inception and even did studio work for the late Michael Jackson. Stop by and meet him, he' a cool guy and a fellow monster lover! For tickets and more info, please visit... []( For the latest updates, please "Like" us on Facebook... [](
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