Travis Walton joins Mad Monster Phoenix 2015!

by Barlow (2015-03-03 22:51:55)
![Travis Walton joins Mad Monster Phoenix 2015!](/features/news/images/18.jpg "Travis Walton joins Mad Monster Phoenix 2015!" 400) TRAVIS WALTON disappeared for five days. Police and volunteers scoured the area looking for him. He returned with an account of what is widely regarded as one of the best-known instances of alleged alien abduction and one of the very few alleged alien abduction cases with some corroborative eyewitnesses. Travis is the author of "Fire in the Sky" which was the basis of the 1993 film of the dame name starring Robert Patrick. Meet Travis at Mad Monster Phoenix May 8th-10th and hear it first hand! Advanced discounted tickets are now on sale and there are a LIMITED NUMBER of discounted rooms now available at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak (where the show is at and the monsters party all weekend May 8th-10th). EVERY ROOM IS A SUITE and we've negotiated a $99 rate for the early birds! There is a lazy river and a mini water park on the premises and this is hands down the coolest venue we've ever had the privilege of hosting a show at. Discount rooms WILL GO FAST, if you're definitely planning on joining us, book yours ASAP... For tickets and more info, please visit... []( For all the latest updates, please take a moment to "Like" our main Mad Monster page... []( RSVP here... [](
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