Steve Railsback joins Mad Monster Party 2015!

by Barlow (2015-02-22 23:27:12)
![STEVE RAILSBACK JOINS MAD MONSTER PARTY 2015!](/features/news/images/10.jpg "STEVE RAILSBACK JOINS MAD MONSTER PARTY 2015!" 400) STEVE RAILSBACK (Helter Skelter, Ed Gein, Lifeforce, The Devil's Rejects) will join us in Charlotte March 27th-29th! Having studied under Lee Strasberg (who taught everyone from Paul Newman to Al Pacino), Steve was a NY theatre actor for over a decade. He's appeared in over 80 films and in TV shows like The X-Files and Supernatural but he is perhaps best known for his intense, chilling performance as Charles Manson in the 1976 film, Helter Skelter! Steve is really great with his fans so don't miss your chance to meet him! For tickets and more info, please visit... []( For the latest updates, please "Like" us on Facebook... []( RSVP here... [](
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