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MARCH 24th-26th, 2017


375 S. Anderson Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730

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Friday 25th

  • 6:30pmNight of the Living Dead Q&A
    with John Russo
  • 7:00pmGeorge A. Romero Photo Op
  • 7:30pmJeremy Bulloch Strikes Back
  • 7:45pmMalcolm McDowell Photo Op
  • 8:30pmReturn to Crystal Lake
    with Adrienne King,
    Harry Manfredini & Tom Savini
  • 8:30pmNichelle Nichols Photo Op
  • 9:00pmStefan Kapicic Photo Op
  • 9:30pmHalloween Q&A
    with P.J. Soles & Tony Moran
  • 11:00pmScaraoke
  • 11:11amZabrecky Magic Show

Saturday 26th

  • 11:11amDeadpool Q&A with Stefan Kapicic
  • 12:00pmStefan Kapicic Photo Op
  • 12:15pmWhat We Do in the Shadows panel
    with Don Brooker, Jonathan Brugh & Ben Fransham
  • 1:00pmJeremy Bulloch Photo Op
  • 1:15pmGodfather of the Dead Q&A
    with George A. Romero
  • 2:00pmGeorge A. Romero Photo Op
  • 2:30pmHailing Frequencies Open: Nichelle Nichols Q&A
  • 3:15pmNichelle Nichols Photo Op
  • 3:30pmUltraviolence! Malcolm McDowell Q&A
  • 4:15pmMalcolm McDowell Photo Op
  • 4:30pmDonnie Darko Q&A with James Duval
  • 5:00pmWhat We Do in the Shadow Photo Ops
  • 5:45pmTom Savini as "Sex Machine" Photo Op
  • 5:15pmWar Stories from the Set Q&A
    with Mark Richardson
  • 6:00pmScares That Care Charity Auction
  • 7:00pmCostume Contest
  • 8:00pmMiss SCarolina Pageant
    hosted by Aubrey Young
  • 9:00pmR.I.P. Party
  • 10:00pmScaraoke
  • 11:00pmLive (Undead) Music!
    V is For Villains
    The Casket Creatures

Sunday 27th

  • 10:30amThe Mad Monster Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Decayrating contest
  • 11:30amFrozen Q&A
    with Eva Bella & Livvy Stubenrauch
  • 11:30amJames Duval Photo Op
  • 12:15pmNichelle Nichols Photo Op
  • 12:30pmUncle Forry Tribute Panel
    with Joe Moe, Ogre
    & special Guests
  • 1:00pmJeremy Bulloch Photo Op
  • 1:30pmDee Wallace Q&A
  • 1:45pmStefan Kapicic Photo Op
  • 2:15pmGeorge A. Romero Photo Op
  • 2:30pmDerek Mears Q&A
  • 3:15pmMalcolm McDowell Photo Op
  • 3:30pmGreatest American Hero Q&A
    with William Katt
  • 4:30pmThe Gate Q&A
    with Louis Tripp
All programming and events scheduled are confirmed, but subject to change. Events may be canceled due to participan't unforseen professional / personal obligations. Not all programming may be suitable for everyone, discretion is advised.