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Egg Hunt & Egg Decay!

![DON'T MISS THE EASTER EGG HUNT AND EGG DECayRATING CONTEST AT MAD MONSTER PARTY 2016!](/features/news/images/63.jpg "DON'T MISS THE EASTER EGG HUNT AND EGG DECayRATING CONTEST AT MAD MONSTER PARTY 2016!" 400) __DON'T MISS THE EASTER EGG HUNT AND EGG DECayRATING CONTEST AT MAD MONSTER PARTY 2016!__ On Sunday March 27th, Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, N.C. will host the first-ever bEaster Egg Hunt for monster kids (12 and under)! We’ve hunted ghosts, witches and even Big Foot, but never eggs! (unless you consider Alien pods, eggs?) Hosted by James Duval ("Frank the Bunny” from Donnie Darko)! At 10:30 AM, for a half hour before the show starts, kids 12 and under and their parents will be admitted into the show where a Kong-sized basket of eggs and goodies will be hidden. Our early-rising vendors and celebrities will help little creeps exhume Scaried Treasures tucked away in their Boo-ths. At Mad Monster we believe it takes a Village (of the Damned) to raise a monster kid. Children 12 and under admitted free with an accompanying (ticketed) parent or guardian. Bring YOUR little larvae to the Party! Egg DECayRATING Contest! On Sunday March 29th, Mad Monster Party will ALSO hold its first-ever Easter Egg decorating contest. Bring your most creatively colored and customized egg for display at the show. Go Horrible or Adorable! Winners will include: Beast In Show, Ugliest Eggliest, Unintentionally Ugliest, Best Celebrity Guest Likeness, Least Egg-Looking Egg, Most Hardcore Boiled, Egg We’d Most Like to See Hatch, Fan-Fried-Fave, Most Failed Attempt Ever!, and a special category for Little Devil(ed) Eggs: kids 12 and under (at Mad Monster EVERY kid is a winner)! Go as crazy or lazy as you like! So, scramble out to the chicken coop or shell out a little scratch at the gross-ery store. Hatch a plan to get your eggs boiled and Beauty and the Beastified! There are no bad eggs, just terrible yolks. (We crack ourselves up). Ome-lette the games begin! No Peeps were harmed in the making of this contest... Mad Monster Party is presented by [WCCB, Charlotte's CW](! For more Mad Monster Party info, tickets or the chance to book one of our limited discount hotel rooms, please visit... []( For the latest updates, please "Like" us on Facebook... []( RSVP here... [](