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![Mad Monster Party's 5th Annual Costume Contest! ](/uploads/news_66__56e59632eacea.jpg "Mad Monster Party's 5th Annual Costume Contest! " 400) __Mad Monster Party's 5th Annual Costume Contest!__ Whether you're a hardcore costumer or a casual fan that was always looking for a reason to put that little extra effort into a Halloween costume, here it is! One grand prize winner will win a $500 cash Grand Prize and there will be sponsored prizes for 2nd and 3rd place! The contest will be held Saturday, March 28th where a winner will be selected. Rules are simple (and pretty much common sense): - Nothing Dangerous - No sharp blades/weapons, no open flames, no projectile or spraying/dripping liquids or solids (no mess!) of any kind, no animals dead or living (and we're not talking about "leather" or "hides" - you know what we mean). - No Full Nudity (wouldn't be much of a "costume") Admission to MMP is required to compete in the contest. MMP reserves the right to make the final decision as to weather a costume is dangerous or inappropriate, etc. Other than that - be creative and have fun! Let's see what ya got people! For tickets and more info, please visit... []( For the latest updates, please "Like" us on Facebook... [](